Sacrewell farm

It’s 9 pm and they’ve all finally gone to sleep.

The kitchen floor is covered in hama beads and the Tesco shopping. Breakfast and tea dishes are still waiting on the worktops. The Daily Bread shopping is waiting on the hall floor. Another laundry mountain has grown upstairs and I haven’t put today’s wash on yet. The cleaning needs doing as the cleaner is on holiday. Matt needs a shirt ironing for tomorrow…..

Today I took the children down to the farm. As always they had a lovely time. Some members of a wood turning group were there with their lathes making bowls, fruit, honey spoons etc which was very interesting to watch. One of them suggested I might like to join their group. “Do you have any spare time?” he asked. Perhaps he hadn’t noticed 2 small boys and a baby……

Matt came home and demonstrated the new traction engine to the boys, and then went to help some friends move house. The boys weren’t tired enough for bed as they had slept on the way home, but Isaac was falling apart at everything ,so I sat them infront of Trumpton for an hour until they were tired enough for bed. A whole hour!

Jay brought up some quail eggs last Saturday which were enjoyed for breakfast today. Very pretty shells too.

I’m procrastinating. I really need to go and tackle the kitchen………..

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