Mess and Mangles

Boys showing off their artistic talents!

This was what the boys got up to last week. They put their hands up our chimney and then made patterns over our bedroom walls (a picture and another) and their own bedroom walls. So creative! Fortunatley it washed off quite easilly.

Today Isaac found the pepper mill. By the time I realised what was going on, we had pepper over the kitchen table, kitchen floor, a chair and the bath was covered in pepper too. And various other bits of house between the kitchen and the bathroom had been peppered.


The cleaners came this afternoon, so we went off to the farm. We found a new bit we hadn’t explored before. Benjamin was very interested in baskets made from willow and horse harnesses. And we found some pigs too, all of them hugely fat. Then some old carts, blacksmith’s tools etc. I think B is beginning to understand something about how life is different now from how it used to be. The boys spent a long time playing in the kitchen of the mill house. It is set up as a roughly wartime kitchen and is full of things up to about the 1950s. They especially loved the mangles and jelly moulds.

The boys enjoying making a cake…
Boys and cake
Benjamin and cakeIsaac and cake

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