Benjamin woke up fairly early today, but went off and amused himself, and the other two slept in till about 8:45. So we had a nice lie-in. In the morning we took Matt’s car to the garage for an MOT. Then I took the children off to their HE under-eights Muddle-Puddle (MP) meeting.

Flight was the theme for this week at MP, so the boys made a variety of insects, parachutes, birds and butterflies. Isaac made a ladybird. Unfortunately, due to various American friends and with Isey’s tendency to slightly elongate words, he insists on calling it a ‘ladybugga’. Merry (who usually organises it) was away, so everyone brought craft activities to contribute.

Collected Matt’s car. Matt and the boys carried on with the base for the playhouse and then it was the end of the day.

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