Hello Mark

I think you are the only person reading this BLOG. What did your nephews get up to today?

It is Matt’s day off, so this morning they went out with him to collect some concrete slabs for the base of the playhouse. While Matt went out for lunch with some Church people Benjamin listened to his Beatrix Potter tape and then they had their rest time. Isaac still kept popping into B’s room every few minutes. Eventually it all went quiet, so I assumed he had settled down.I found him later busy with the Lego in B’s room. They spent the rest of the afternoon helping Matt begin the base for the playhouse. So a fairly quiet pottering around sort of day really.

Have added a link to the Church website. We now have a webcam taking pictures of the building site. It doesn’t really show the scale of things, but you can see it steadilly coming together.

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  1. Just thought i would let you know that the whole family visit your site pretty much every day.


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