Finding Crack

Yesterday while Benjamin was watching the rain, he suddenly announced “We should take all our clothes outside and wash them in the rain, and then we can hang them up to dry in the sun. Yes. That would be a good idea and we wouldn’t need our washing machine. And we could wash all day.”. Which was actually quite interesting, because earlier in the day I had been reading in a book the suggestion that you take your children on holiday to somewhere very basic so that they learn to wash their own clothes and cook over a camp-fire, to develop appreciation for our modern appliances.

Everyone woke up at 5am and then everyone went back to sleep until 7am. Rain was predicted for the afternoon so I got everything together for a trip to Ferry Meadows for a trip in the morning. Very stressful getting it all together, but remained patient (just!).

The boys cycled around the lake and then played at the play area. Joel stayed asleep all the way through, so I even got to sit on a bench and read some Charlotte Mason while the boys played. We saw a swan’s nest with two signets in.

Home for a very quick lunch as the cleaners were due. We all retreated upstairs while they cleaned downstairs. Bit of a funny afternoon, I even fell asleep with Joel for half an hour (Matt was working from home and downstairs with the other two).

We got out a tree book to identify the willow leaves we had brought home from Ferry Meadows. Crack Willow apparently.

Joel slept for most of the afternoon and is still sleeping now. Every time he wakes up he has been getting very upset, before going back to sleep. Seems quite warm, I wonder if something is brewing?

Matt wrote the title!

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