A fairly uneventful day. Happy Faces this morning, and then too hot to go out again by the afternoon. Joel has hardly slept, but been very tired so I have carried him around most of the day. Benjie and Isaac have niggled each other a lot this afternoon and both have bumps on their heads from where they were both insisting on being in the same place at the same time. Tried to divert them with some cake making, but Joel fussed too much so gave them a bubble bath instead.

Joel rolled over for the first time yesterday and is getting very wriggly. I think he’ll be shuffling around the floor quite soon.

I’m still trying to work on reading more from the Ambleside Online link, and the Charlotte Mason books and some other bits to make some more progress on deciding some more of the details on how we are going to home educate. But so difficult to find more than 5 mins here or there.

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