Happy Birthday Mark

Here is a picture of Benjamin and Isaac. They have made you a play dough cake with eleven candles on it. It was a bit salty though. Your present will follow, hope you had a nice day.

Mark's cake

This morning we woke up late. Matt took Benjamin and Isaac to Wandsford station for a steam rally. Benjamin was spotting the steam train signs on the way when we were near the station. While we were walking along the road to the station there were two BT vans, with men doing work in a hole. Very exciting for Benjamin!

We got to the station and there were just too many things to take in at once for the boys. I thought they would want to stop and look at the Organ that was playing a tune (with some drums on it). The organ wasn’t steam powered, but I thought it was quite nice, the boys were vaguely interested, but really wanted to look at the traction engines and the large steam lorry we were close to.

Large lorry

We had a wander around and looked at the first few model traction engines. However the men sitting by them were obviously not particularly interested in talking about them to anyone (although I did notice some conversations happening later)! We were standing looking at one engine when I recognised the man at the engine next to it was from the little trains. So we had a good chat. I am still trying to find out how it is a steam engine works (to get ready for that ‘why?’ moment), so I quizzed him a bit about it. He said if we came back in ten minutes it would be ready and we could have a ride. Wow! We went to have a look around the other traction engines. B could stop and look at each one for ages. We pottered slowly around the station car park. There were about 15 steam traction engines, ranging in size from the lorry to the one we had a ride on…

After Traction Engine ride

The driver of our engine told us that the lorry could go quite fast, up to 6 or 7 miles-per-hour! B was a bit shy of getting on the back of the trailer behind the traction engine, but Isaac just went for it. Then B got on too. I was a bit wary of the three of us on the back of a trailer that barely had room for us and wondered if the engine wold be able to pull us.

We then went off to have a look around the station. The model railway carriage was open and included a Thomas that went up and down the line, plus another train that looked like Samdog. There was a button to press that made the rotors on Harold go around. Isaac enjoyed pressing the button.

The next carriage was the mobile sorting office. I showed them how post would be sorted and explained which boxes the parcels to Granny’s house went into (as there was one marked Colchester). They spent a few moments sorting letters and B talked about it a lot later when we were home, I think it must have really struck him.

Post train

Wandered through to the next carriage, where there was another model train, with buttons to press to make the engines appear. B pressed a button and Percy appeared. Isey pressed a button and Duck appeared (very suitable). Isaac was very pleased his Duck had appeared.

Then we wandered back to the traction engines to see if we could get another ride, but there was no sign of ‘our’ driver.

Came home, had lunch and then I (M) spent the afternoon hacking down forsythia ready for the putting in of the playhouse.

Pictures of Joel are below (as usual click the pucture to see it bigger….

Joel big smile Joel very meaningful

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  1. Thanks for the cake looks lovely but im sure the one I had tastes much better.


  2. Thanks Mark.

    Is there anyone else out there? Do you have any family living with you?


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