Swimming in the Rain

This morning, after lots of discussion, we decided to try out the Lido, Peterborough’s open air swimming pool. We arrived about 11. It is a lovely 1920s listed building with three pools. One full size 25m pool, a children’s 75cm deep pool and a 20cm deep paddling pool. Plus some lawn area with some toddler play items.


We were surprised to find we had it nearly to ourselves. It seemed chillier than it had done first thing in the morning, but Matt and the boys bravely jumped in anyhow. The boys enjoyed it, but were soon shivering so they jumped out again, while M went for a proper swim in the big pool. The boys played on the play train.

Cleaning the funnel

Suddenly from out of nowhere (well, I guess the clouds, but they didn’t look like rainclouds) it just poured and poured and poured. We had scrutinised the BBC weather forecast in the morning and the rain looked as if it was going to miss Peterborough. We sheltered under a tree, but the rain was so heavy that I soon decided we would have to be under proper cover. So I threw towels over the boys in the buggy and Joel in the pram. Then I dashed to shelter.

The boys were only damp, I was soaked. The rain didn’t give up, so Matt had to run home, get the car, and drive back to pick us all up. So not too successfull, but we did like the Lido and will try again another day.

This afternoon, Matt went over to help Mr. P set-up a printer on his computer. Mr. P helps run the little trains and also has a small railway set-up in his garden! The plan was to take the children to go to see the garden trains, but it was too wet, much to B’s disappointment.

We stayed at home and pottered through the afternoon. We read some poems from B’s new book, looked through a book on insects and other ‘creepy crawlies’ (J must have been having a brave moment), etc.. Joel slept for the afternoon after this morning’s excitement. M came home with some home-made DVDs of steam garden railways for the boys to watch (at least that is what he said they were for!). The boys were fascinated. Then reluctantly off to bed. Matt and I then looked on ebay at a couple of children’s play-houses we are thinking of bidding on. I remember when I was little, desperately hoping for a play house in our garden. One of my friends had a really big one and I remember one day being there and finding a ladybird, which I decided qualified me to make a wish. So, I wished that when I got home a playhouse would have appeared in my garden too. But it didn’t! So M has been out in the garden with a tape-measure to try and work out where we can fit in an 8’x6′ playhouse. We will see how the bidding goes tomorrow.