Have a look at our Church building as it goes up!

Back to normal today with a 6am start. Matt got up and went off to set-up for PA at Church. B, Joel, I and I made it to the 11:15am service. Joel still has a bit of a cold and is making a lot of fuss about it.

After Church we picked up our picnic from home and headed off to the trains for the afternoon. We had collected a full set of 24 different tickets, so were entitled to free rides for the afternoon. At the end, Matt got to drive all of us around on Samdog (or Amdog as Ise calls it).

Then back home to pick up another picnic and a walk down to the embankment for the yearly Perkins concert, by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. They played for 2 hours, lots of short pieces. Both children were absorbed to start with, but were very tired and so got a bit wriggly. But being outdoors, with lots of people chatting around us, it didn’t really matter. The sky had cleared and it was a beautiful evening. The Cathedral was just behind us, a hot-air balloon drifting overhead, Peterborough was feeling a nice place to be.

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