Camping experiment

Matt is on holiday this week and the weather forecast looked good, so we decided to try out a nights camping. We had camped several times with Benjamin, but only in a caravan since Isaac. So we packed up our tent and headed down to Sacrewell farm (20 minutes away). I was busy with Joel, so Matt heroically put the tent up by himself.

The weather was idyllic and we cooked sausages for supper, while the boys ran bare-foot around the field chasing rabbits and birds. The rabbits were too fast for them, so we stuck to sausages for tea. We spent a lovely evening with them and got them ready for bed. However they were too excited and it wasn’t dark enough, so no-one went to sleep. In the end M put them in the car and took them out for a short drive. They promptly fell asleep in the car.

We then discovered that the single mattress M was to share with B had a puncture and was completely flat. So they had to sleep on the ground. The double mattress I was sharing with Joel and Ise also had a slow puncture and was fairly soggy. So when I moved to sort Joel out in the night Ise woke up. Isaac cried, I got cross with Isaac (emphasis added by M). Joel might have been sick, but as we had forgotten to take a torch, we couldn’t see what had happened. Eventually we all got back to sleep. But woke in the morning feeling very frazzled and that we were definitely not ready for camping yet.

Boys had a nice day at the farm. Fantastic weather again. But M and I didn’t really recover from the night before. Then Matt took the tent down and we came home. After going for cake at the farm cafe, this being one of a number of sweet things M wanted throughout the day to help recover (where did those biscuits go that we had left over).

S came to tea and bought the boys new books about diggers and trains, but the boys were very tired. Joel and Isaac full of cold and generally not at their best.

We all had a very good nights sleep in proper beds.

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