A Lie In

An amazing start to the morning, Benjamin woke up at 8:30, Isaac and Joel at 8:45. Considering somewhere between 5 and 6 is our usual start time, this was quite impressive.

(I forgot to blog this yesterday). I woke up and realised I had heard a tap running for quite some time, so thought I had better investigate. Found that B and I had woken up and decided they would run themselves a bath. They had undressed and were just about to get in when I discovered them.

Back to today. Colourstring this morning. When we arrived, we were the only ones there, so B’s teacher asked B if he would like to try out a Violin or a Cello as she had some around for the older classes to try. B made fish faces and was generally very shy, but soon after another boy arrived and he happily tried them out. Bridgid had a spare ‘baby’ violin and asked B if he would like to borrow it for the week to give him a chance to try it out at home. Unsurprisingly B warmed to it quite quickly at home and had to be prised away from it in the end.

An un-eventful afternoon including Tesco’s shopping. Joel quite unsettled, which is unlike him. He has a slight cold. We put in our bid for a playhouse on ebay and won it. So we will now have to arrange to collect that and install it. Matt decided to put in the bid at the last minute (literally) and as these things happen, the price on ebay jumped by a third in the last thirty seconds.

Playhouse OutsidePlayhouse Inside

B wanted to read his ‘creepy crawly’ book a lot again today. This evening watched a bit of the fourth Pink Panther film and prepared picnics (x2) ready for a busy day tomorrow.

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  1. It reminds me of the Swiss cottage at Osbourne house on the Isle of Wight.


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