The Story of Holly and Ivy

by Rumer Godden

I picked up my old copy of this over the weekend and tried B on it. It’s quite a long read – probably an hour and a half ( with interuptions) and I’m not quite sure he’s really understood the story line yet, but he enjoyed it enough to ask for it again the next day. And every day since , but I’ve hidden it now – I have never managed to get through this book without tears and it’s a bit embarrasing sitting there with your children watching you !

Matt and I also finally managed to watch our Merchant of Venice this weekend. We’ve started it twice before, not had time to finish it for a few months, and then had to start again because we’ve forgotten the plot! Anyway, it was very good. Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

Codling Village by Susan Hill

Benjamin found a children’s book by Susan Hill in the library. It is a sort of Miss Read for children. A chapter book set in Codling Village. It has little stories about village life and village characters. He loves it. So much so that Matt has found one on ebay and ordered it for him, so that he is not too distraught when it goes back to the library.

The House at Pooh Corner

I (Matt) have been reading this to Benjamin on an evening. He loves it! More and more he has been quoting bits from it at the end of our reading session. Sometimes we have a little conversation about it where he tells me about something one of the characters was doing. Have now moved on to ‘Winnie the Pooh’ – reading about going on an expedition – and today coming down the stairs this afternoon Benjamin was trying to tell me that Pooh thought it was an expo… (B is not quite sure here exactly what Pooh called it), but that Christopher Robin said it was an expo… (ditto).