Conker Championship

We had to go to the World Conker Championships as they were almost on our doorstep. In fact someone once said to me when I menioned where we lived – “O is that where the World Conker Chamiopnships are?”

Image0136 Image0139

The children’s championship. I’ll have to teach ours to play before next year. And ours sampled the free face painting.

Image0137 Image0141

Panda, Tiger, Cheetah, Bear.

Image0142 Image0143

Image0145 Image0146

The guide dogs were there and JJ was led around a course by one, including going into some of the obstacles, but perhaps that may have been JJ not holding things as he was meant to.


Finally these are the children drinking nettle tea that we made outside on our fire.

Local history afternoon.

Image0131 Image0132

A very jolly man helped the boys to do archery. Bee and I (Matt) popped the most balloons of all the people there so we had a shoot off as a ‘final’, where we drew again.

Image0134 Image0133

Some of the techniques in the archery were a little unorthodox – especially JJ. There was also armour to try on and talk about, plus a storyteller. All in all, it was a very lovely afternoon of chatting to the people there.

Kelmarsh History Festival

img_3443.jpg img_3438.jpg

Spent today at Kelmarsh History of festival. There was a lot going on and I don’t think we actually covered very much of it, but we saw a lot of history (mostly battle) re-enactments.

img_3434.jpg img_3433.jpg

These pictures are from a series of demonstrations showing the development of the British Army from the time of Cromwell and the first Red Jackets through to WWII.

img_3420.jpg img_3416.jpg

Everyone was dressed in very detailed costumes and all demonstrated the firing of their various weapons. We also watched jousting and knights fighting.

img_3408.jpg img_3407.jpg

We did a bit of wandering between the tents of the living history displays, but decided afterwards that we should have done more wandering and looking at the smaller things that were going on.

img_3400.jpg img_3395.jpg

The Romans were there in force, with a whole Century of men demonstrating their weapons (including some of the larger siege weapons) and tactics. There was loads to see and we look forward to next year.

Green Jackets Advancing (sort of)

The Green Jackets are advancing with the rest of the British line and just as they get into their stride attacking the French cannon they are told to back off as it is about to be fired. They retreat a bit and try to make it look like they are meant to be there, then they retreat further. After firing, one of the French men can be seen waving them in as all is safe now.



One of the baby rabbits was around when I returned home from work and I was able to encourage it into a box for the children to see later. J didn’t think we should keep it because, well because of all sorts of reasons!


Roo is enjoying playing more and is becoming more independent.


img_3295.jpg img_3287.jpg

We’re still really enjoying living here. Now that the Summer has arrived it is much easier to do enjoy it (no more constant freezing North wind). ¬†One of our friends said how they could do washing up at the sink for hours with a view like that (above). The moth was found just outside the tent in the morning when the children woke up after having slept out for the night. Quite surprising that they all wanted to, not just the older ones. Very lovely to see them all out there in a long row in the tent.



Brother and Sister set out for a walk with one of the dolls in the pram.

img_3284.jpg img_3283.jpg

I guess the advantage of the prevailing wind here is that it is often quite easy to get a kite up in the air. Or at least it should be…




JJ loves KenKen puzzles. He has been working on a 9-by-9 puzzle. I don’t think he yet has all of the logic and maths understanding yet, but he is certainly having a go. After all the 3-by-3 ones were too easy! I need to have a think about how to stretch him next…


img_3251.jpg img_3259.jpg

After finally cutting down the wood that was needed a shave horse has been made. The process created a lot of wood shavings that the boys have really enjoyed burning after starting a fire with their magnesium fire starter and some cotton wool.

img_3255.jpg img_3263.jpg

The shave horse is being a big hit with all the children. So far there haven’t been any real projects that have been started yet. Bee wants to work on a bow and we’re hoping to make a stool.

img_3273.jpg img_3272.jpg

img_3275.jpg img_3274.jpg


A nice day at the ‘Gardens of Surprises’ in Stamford with Granny. Roo loved playing with the large playing pieces for the five mens morris game.

Image0035 Image0040

Mip enjoyed every moment possible to experience things at the garden, which mostly meant getting wet in the fountains.

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