Summer photos


A third sister in May.


Taking up the old floor in the new house prior to the builders moving in.


Dismantling the play house ready to move.

Last sailing at Priory? Matt, Bee and 2 little ones in the Wanderer, JJ and Bear in a Topper (Bear in water after a capsize practice) and Mip on a paddle board.



After the move – taking an afternoon off at Pin Mill.


Picnic at Colchester castle after the dentist

Paddling on the road during a very high tide.

Wivenhoe sailing club. Note the yellow wod (Wivenhoe One Design) in the background.

Another day out at Clacton air show.

First sail at Ardleigh Sailing club in a Merlin.

Matt crewing in a Wod race (the yellow one)

crabbing from the board walk.


Mirror Sailing

After a winter of sanding, varnishing , painting and fixing leaks the mirror was ready to sail.


A quick check…

….then Bee an Mip had the first sail. All well – no leaks!


Meanwhile the little one, Roo and I were taken out on the safety boat to take photographs.



Then it was Bear’s turn.

And then the baby decided she needed to go out too. (she wailed and shouted for a very long time until I gave in). JJ also went out too, but that picture doesn’t seem to have made it here.

Caught up?

I think I may have caught up with posting the summer’s photos!

One of the things I’m wishing I was recording better are the books we read as a family and the i player watching. Most of these I have forgotten now. Anyway, currently Matt is reading The Lord of the Rings with the children, I have just finished the Jim Elliot biography and started on Harriet Tubman, and we are watching Tudor Monastery Farm and Frozen Planet.

Nancy Blackett

On the way from Ling’s Meadow to J’s mothers we called in at Woolverstone Marina to see if the Nancy Blackett was home. She was, and the Skipper and Mate who had just arrived kindly took the children aboard and showed them around. Picking up on our children’s enthusiasm they then decided the depth finder should be checked.

Next they decided the sails needed checking. We took some very happy children home that night (and then joined the Nancy Blackett Trust).