Busy weekend

I’m hopelessly behind with organising photos and blogging. So much life is going unrecorded and forgotten….Anyway, this weekend began as usual with tennis at the park. JJ and Bear play between 9 and 10 am, but Bee and Mip join in as it is a small class and Matt helps out. Then I come over to collect JJ and Bear while Matt, Bee and Mip play for the next hour. In the afternoon the local sailing club was holding a “have a go” weekend so we went down and the older 4 spent a nice afternoon kayaking. This morning Matt decided to take them back again while I looked after Littlest. This time they all went for a sail, canoed and kayaked, and then Bee and Mip tried windsurfing. All much enjoyed. Then home for a 10 min lunch before heading out to the park for our fortnightly home-ed group football game. So, lots of nicely tired out children this weekend.

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