Out and about

This week

we’ve  been reading…..still the same books

we’ve been watching…the rest of the Bang Goes the Theory series

we’ve been playing….play dough and card games (Roo)

we’ve been making….lego ships, more Hama bead pictures

But, most importantly this week we’ve been OUT!  The smallest one has reached that noticebly easier 6 month stage, it’s not too cold and the rain has (mostly) stopped. So, we began on Monday morning at nearby Lyveden New Bield    (The unfinished garden Lodge of Sir Thomas Tresham (father to Francis Tresham who sent the warning letter leading to the discovery of the gunpowder plot)). Then we spent Tuesday afternoon playing at Barnwell Country Park, Wednesday at Ferry Meadows, Thursday has piano lessons in the middle of the afternoon so only a brief shopping trip to Oundle that day, and today we spent the afternoon at Fineshade woods. I can just feel our vitamin D levels going up….

This evening Matt and the older 3 are at the astronomy group and, even better, (from my point of view) picking up a chest of drawers. So now Smallest’s clothes won’t need to be stored on my bedroom floor any more.

The other event this week was a trip to hospital after Roo came through to the kitchen and announced “bead up my nose, Mummy”. And yes, there was a Hama bead far up there. So off we went . They were very good, but couldn’t get it out, so asked us to come back the next day to visit ENT. Which Matt and Roo did, but the endoscopy camera couldn’t find it so it was concluded it must have been swallowed over night. Roo, I think, rather enjoyed the whole process and was very cheerful afterwards.

No idea quite what happened to the pictures below, click on the small ones to see the full version and do the same for any that are obscured…

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