Sowing this year’s seeds. The Veggie patch is 2/3 dug, and yesterday Matt started building a chicken wire fence around it. The seeds came from

img_3194.jpg img_3193.jpg

And yesterday we went to Fineshade Woods. Matt, Bee and Mip went to a talk on Red Kites while I took the littlies for a walk in the Wood.

img_3190.jpg img_3188.jpg img_3187.jpg

On Friday we went to Hammerton Zoo – we’ve bought a year’s membership.


The boys continue to read Asterix fairly constantly. Mip is also loving Our Island Story on CD. We are re-reading ‘Ice Story’ (Shackleton) and so have watched ‘March of the Penguins’ and ‘Planet Earth’ on ice. Also reading ‘Mountain Man and the President’ by David Weitzman. Trying to learn a few Wordsworth poems. ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ on CD from library has been much listened to. They are still enjoying Ray Mears on DVD. JJ is having a drawing phase. Bee is French Knitting.

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