Cefn Lea

We did the usual walk up the ‘mountain’ and this year it wasn’t raining.


Bear did quite a good job of walking up the mountain. Obviously not all the way, well not most of the way either, but neither was she carried the whole distance.


L & S came up a while after us, with Mr. Bright, arriving while we were at the top. The main centre of the Cefn Lea Park (Mid Wales) is in the background.


On the Wednesday,  there were about 3 birthdays, one of which was a friend of our boys from Peterborough, so it was nice when he came up with his birthday lego while our boys were having lunch. Notice the best Pork Pie ever sitting on the table. Get them while they are warm; it is the best way to eat them.


It wouldn’t have been a walk up a hill if there wasn’t a picture of the view from the top.


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