This week


We’ve progressed some more this week. We’ve put up our first Da Vinci in the kitchen at child height (Mona Lisa – I thought we’d start with something at least slightly familiar!) and ordered a CD with most of the recommended Chopin selections on. (Matt pointed out that by the time I had paid for a couple of CDs from the library, and then paid a fine for returning them late, it would have cost more than just buying a CD. And we would have to cram all our listening into a week or 2, instead of using a whole term) We’ve also started on Our Island Story, which is going down well, and one of the Holling C Hollings (Tree in the Trail – American history and geography). They are just loving this, and so it is being read much too fast ie about 3 chapters a day instead of 3 per week. And we’ve started on one of the D’Aulaires – George Washington – which they like. (though I’m not so sure about – it’s all a bit too rosy). And narrating something most days.

Still lots to work on, but it feels as if it’s taking shape, and we are all enjoying it very much.

They have also been listening to The Wind in the Willows on CD over and over. (C/O Alan Bennett)

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