Houghton Mill

Before going into the mill, we hired a punt and went down the river. Matt drove to start with.

img_2182.jpg img_2192.jpg

The children adored being on a boat, especially the eldest. In fact both of the two oldest were asking when we could do it again.

img_2200.jpg img_2199.jpg

It was quite difficult getting Littlest to stay seated throughout the hour we had the punt, but mostly it worked well. We were given four oars by the guy who was hiring out the boats, so they were quite busy playing with them, even paddling with them at times. The guy asked if we wanted life jackets for the children, but then commented that as we had so many children, then maybe it didn’t matter too much if one fell in!?

img_2189.jpg img_2187.jpg


Houghton Mill itself seemed a bit smaller than it had done before, probably because we have been there quite a few times now. The children seemed to really enjoy it and there was one new ‘exhibit’ demonstrating how locks and waterwheels work with water going through them.

img_2205.jpg img_2203.jpg

Lots of explaining to the older ones about how cogs work, plus the pulleys that were used to lift sacks.

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