Last week was Matt’s week away in Hong Kong. It rained all week and Littlest had Roseola, so we stayed at home pretty much all week. But we’ve been out and about lots since then to make up for it. Matt came back Thursday night and on Friday we went to Burleigh, Saturday was the garden day, Sunday was Church with a bring and share lunch, followed by a trip to the little trains. Monday we had a picnic at Ferry Meadows with the local HE group. Tuesday we went for lunch at a friends and today we went to Woolthorpe Manor. This is a National Trust property and the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and where he ‘discovered’ gravity.

img_1979.jpg img_1981.jpg

A friend had organised an educational visit for a group of families. The staff were very good, particularly with the two partially sighted children in the group.

img_1982.jpg img_1983.jpg

We had a tour of the house and then spent time in the barn with a variety of science experiments set up to illustrate Newton’s laws.

img_1984.jpg img_1985.jpg

Then a picnic in the orchard (though there were no apples on the trees to fall off!) and then on to the activity room to make paper helicopters.

img_1986.jpg img_1987.jpg

Then home via Colourstings.

img_1991.jpg img_1993.jpg

img_1996.jpg img_1997.jpg

img_1999.jpg img_2000.jpg

Finally a picture of Isaac’s book ‘Principia’ and Mip under the apple tree!

img_2001.jpg img_2007.jpg

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