Been on Holiday

We spent Monday to Thursday in Portsmouth at the Historic Dockyard…

img_1872.jpg img_1873.jpg

img_1858.jpg img_1868.jpg

img_1911.jpg img_1912.jpg

While we were there a little train turned up (do you recognise it from many years ago?)…

img_1877.jpg img_1879.jpg

Bee is very into USS Constition (aka Old Ironsides – we must get a hardback copy of the book sometime as the paperback is falling apart). So, we took him to see HMS Vistory, which is about 40 years older and has 100 guns compared to 60 on Old Ironsides. He seemed to really love the time we spent on there, although he was quite unsure about doing all the steep stairs. It was nice to have the (almost) undivided attention of the people on board the ship, so we had a very good chat with a seawoman (should they be called seawoman if they are stationed on a ship in dry-dock?) about how the cannon was loaded and fired. Bee has come away drawing pictures of Victory now instead of Old I, so he must have been impressed.

We also saw HMS Warrior, which is one of the first steam and sail warships. Plus, there was the wreck of the Mary Rose to see as well. Alongside this were museums and a harbour tour, so in all we spent 2 1/2 days there and enjoyed it immensely.

Bee had been very interested in aircraft carriers before we went on holiday and they had been the topic of many conversations, so it was great to see HMS Ark Royal in the dockyard, especially as it was moored right next to Victory. It is huge!

That will do for now to get some kind of news up on to the blog!

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