Numero Romano

Some models Bee made from his Richard Scarry activity book.


Mip drew this in my diary the other day – Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the donkey in a stable with a manger, but the funny thing was that he had randomly chosen Christmas day to draw it in.


We had a parcel arrive today. It had a dot-to-dot book for Mip (up to now he has just been doing a few in Bee’s book when Bee feels generous) which he was very pleased with ‘my OWN dot-to-dot book’. Also, a book on Roman Numerals came in the parcel. Matt has been reading it to the boys and they have been starting to get the idea. It explains with nicely detailed farmyard scenes (each with the right number of pigs!) how roman numerals work.

Other than that it was a quiet day. Lots of playing with the Playmobil ship. Also, Magnetix, Hama beads, the sand tray and a quick trip to the park. I read another half chapter of Swallows and Amazons, but I think it is getting a bit complicated for them really.

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