Littlest in her new sling and smiling in her sleep.
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Nativity – two shepherds:
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Bee and Mip have been practicing for a few weeks now for the Church Nativity. They have a CD of the songs that Bee listens to as often as possible. Bee will sing along to the CD and knows it completely, he is very confident singing them at home. For the last few Sunday afternoons they have taken a packed lunch to Church and stayed to have their practice, it is probably the first time we have left Mip like that. Bee has been very excited and quite definite that he couldn’t miss his group or any of the practices, each Sunday has been an exciting experience for him. The nativity itself came and the boys were dressed up as shepherds (and not just a tea towel on the head either – much more sophisticated looking!). (The shades were used in one specific song.) They really enjoyed taking part. They were definitely singing, though in their own quiet way, and the same can be said for their muted version of the actions. Mip was often staring at the screen behind him to find out what was on it, instead of looking ahead of himself and singing – on another planet as he often is! It must be one of those ‘first parenting moments’, the children taking part in their first nativity. Well, we enjoyed it and so did they.

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