Birthday Bee

Last night JJ insisted on doing the 100 piece map of Europe puzzle. He had a bit of help as he occasionally got stuck, but generally was quite capable with it.

Bee had quite a few books as presents and some jigsaws. I (Matt) have been saving up any things I have found in charity shops and on ebay, for the last few weeks. This included a very good Solar System puzzle.

img_1529.jpg img_1534.jpg

Went to Peterborough Museum with a few friends this morning and then they and some more came over for lunch. Partly for Bee’s birthday and partly a HE get-together. Fifteen children!

The museum has a new exhibition on toys and forces, and as it is currently school term time (plus the only school visiting was ‘doing Romans’), we had it all to ourselves. The exhibition had a room full of toys that showed off some nice ‘forces’ type things (kinetic energy, magnetism, centrifugal forces), but even better was that the children were happy playing on lots of toys (that are different to the ones we have at home) for quite a while. The table football was particularly popular.

JJ and Mip doing a puzzle at the Museum:

img_1538.jpg img_1536.jpg

Granny came for birthday tea, and read “Anno’s Britain” and Robert McCloskey’s Time of Wonder to the boys.

img_1540.jpg img_1543.jpg

We’re looking forward to playing snakes and ladders – thank you Granny and Grandad!

Some of the stained glass windows Bee has been colouring:


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