Yesterday continued busy, with a visit to the Peterborough HE group by a guide dog, the owner, and a trainer. I think Bee and Mip enjoyed it, but it was quite a challenging morning trying to keep JJ quietly occupied during the talk (he was doing a puzzle at the back, but talking to himself very loudly ‘and where does this piece go…’ and getting cross with any babies who crawled on his puzzle). And then later trying to watch children on the play equipment outside, give them a picnic, talk to people, and supervise toilets. But we met new people and caught up with friends.

Then home and getting ready for home group which was at our house. Lots of Lego building in the cellar and a late night.

This morning the boys and Matt went to the park. This afternoon we were all at a wedding reception.

Littlest has more teeth coming through, and is uninspired about food again.

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