Willow Weaving

Bee has always been very interested in the willow weaving garden at Ferry Meadows, so he was very excited to discover that the Peterborough HE group were doing a willow weaving workshop.

He made this – it is a cup and ball game (the weaving was held in the village hall of a very beautiful Northamptonshire village – much more therapeutic than a visit to Toys ‘R’ Us):

img_1495.jpg img_1496.jpg

Then in the afternoon he made this (a playdough road map of Britain) – Mip made the road map of Ireland next to it:
img_1491.jpg img_1494.jpg

The boys have been using their cuisinaire rods that arrived this week – not sure what the mathematical formula is that JJ is demonstrating with his heap, though it will probably lead to a major breakthrough in some area of mathematics in later life:

img_1487.jpg img_1490.jpg

This week we also made a tentative start with our French, which we are doing with J, F and T. Tentative because P, our French speaker and tutor, couldn’t join us, but it was good to make a start.

And other days have followed the usual pattern of being busy at the kitchen table in the morning and visiting the park in the afternoon.

img_1516.jpg img_1511.jpg

Matt has been to Paris and spent his other evenings on the phone to Mexico. So late nights all round. The house is deep in dust and the hoover has taken an extended holiday, must do something about it soon…

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