Not sure what I can remember of the last 4 days. Thursday afternoon we spent at Ferry Meadows – we went to the bird hide and saw a pair of herons flying across the lake. Friday the Muddlepuddle group met here – 16 children. (lots of cake crumbs under the table afterwards which we found Littlest eating with enthusiasm). Saturday??? all forgotten except a visit to the park to play football at the end of it. Oh yes – Matt spent most of the day working on the front of the house and Littlest slept for over 4 hours so I had a nice peaceful time with the boys. Particularly as I totally forgot that I was supposed to be re-introducing the hoover to the house after a lengthy separation…. Bee is busy making flags with Hama beads and trying to work out which countries were involved in WW2. Today we were out to lunch with friends, and came back and spent another hour running around at the park. We’re continuing to work on our nature studies – yesterday we brought home a bobbly fruit ball Bee found and identified it as being from a London plane tree. Today we went and found the tree, and brought back a (beech)nut for identification.
The boys have all had colds the last few days, but Bee was desperate not to miss church. He came down Saturday night, when the others had all gone to sleep ,and told me that he had “told Daddy twice that he was sure he would be well enough to go to church in the morning”. And he told me again that he was quite sure that he would be, until I agreed with him, and then he went to bed. And then 1st thing this morning he rushed in to confirm that he was definitely feeling better….

Littlest is very entertaining atm. She likes someone to pat her on the back or chest while she sings “ahhhhhhhhhh” to make it sound wobbly, and then she tries to do it to herself, beating herself vigorously on the chest with her forearm and clenched fist. She’s also started to play boo by hiding behind a curtain, and then reappearing.

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