Climbing and Drawing


Littlest climbing to the top of the stairs, looking very pleased with herself.


This is how Bee and Mip spent the whole morning – Bee working in his Richard Scarry activity book with Mip watching him.

The afternoon was spent running around activity world with the Muddle Puddle group. The evening was spent with house group. So most of Bee’s favourite friends were seen all in one day.

And then to bed, Bee as usual with his pile of Narnia books. He takes them to bed every evening and studies the pictures, trying to work out the stories. He has also started doing this with the Swallows and Amazons too. Tonight he was crying because Matt wouldn’t explain to him what the pictures in the book were about. Matt had decided that he didn’t want to talk about the pictures near the end until we get there in reading the story together. So, it looks like we now need to start reading Narnia to Bee, where in the past we were reluctant to do it until Mip was old enough to follow the stories.

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