Catching up, again

Life seems so relentless at the moment there never seems time for anything more than a quick catch up of “this is what we did”, which isn’t really what I intended this blog for. However, something is better than nothing in this educational record, so here is this week’s catch-up…

We had a very slow morning, and breakfast in bed. (sounds peaceful, but imagine 3 bouncing boys, a crawling baby and lots of jam and butter all in 1 bed….). Matt spent the day in the garden, pruning the apple tree, sawing up the woodpile and generally tidying up. I read to whichever children weren’t outside, and the boys also did puzzles and Magnetix. We had a ready-made chinese for tea, and then the boys played with the electronics with Matt before bed. I think Bee also finished his dot-to-dot book.

Friday – Matt had a day off and took the boys up to the farm while I stayed home with Beth and cleaned. Home group in the evening. Bee continued with his dot-to dot at every in between moment.

Thursday – We walked to the museum in the afternoon. Looked at the Titanic exhibition again, plus dinosaur fossils and Romans. Bee came home and pulled out a dot-to-dot book. He had done some of it before, but would only spend a little bit of time on it. Today he spent ages doing it, and just looked much more ‘at home’ with the whole idea. It gave me a glimpse into why people say to wait until boys are 6/7 before expecting much in the way of writing etc.. He just seems so much more ready than a year ago.

Wednesday – Bee and Mip had a Colourstrings class. It was just us as none of the other children the teacher was expecting turned up. Hope some more children can be found, because I don’ think she’ll keep the class open with just 2 in it!

Tuesday – a.m. read about dinosaurs and finished the bee chapter. Ferry Meadows in the afternoon. Very cold, so we walked around the lake to keep warm. Saw a stoat/weasel. At home we got out some wildlife books to look at our stoat/weasel and spent some more time browsing through them generally. Finished watching the proms. Bee is planning to keep bees and sell honey to fund the purchase of a Land Rover. Sounds like we will need a lot of bees.

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