Also this week…

… Monday J and I finally made it to the new Gardens of Surprise at Burghley. Lots of water features and 5 very soaked children. They all enjoyed it, and with the sculpture garden included there was more than we could do in the 4 or so hours we were there. In the evening Matt and I started listening to Longitude, which we have borrowed on tape from the library following our visit to Greenwich.

Wednesday was a good h.e. day. A pop-up book on Leonardo da Vinci by the Provensens arrived in the post, so that kept us going for the morning, along with a book on dinosoars. Then we took a picnic to Ferry Meadows and had 3 hours out in the beautiful September sunshine. The boys played in a little wooded area building a bridge with sticks, we saw speckled wood butterflies, watched a narrow boat come in to moor, and spent some time in the extended conservation garden . Then over tea we watched an hour or so from the Last Night of the Proms on Matt’s laptop. The boys did some drawing while we were at FM and Mip tried writing his name. It took up several pages, and had several “e”s in it which aren’t usually there, but he was very pleased with it. (and so, of course, was I!)

Today was a bit slower, and we didn’t get anywhere this morning. We watched a spider building a web, and also some magpies churring at a cat prowling under the walnut tree (we have wood pigeons nesting in the walnut). Bee told me he had read the story of St George to JJ, and that although he may have got a few words wrong he thought he had mostly read it right!
After lunch we went to Central Park to play in the sand, and then came back for tea and more proms. We also looked through a book on the orchestra (and the boys were able to remember which instruments are used in Peter and the Wolf) and we read St George and the Dragon, a snippet on St Francis, and a few other bits.

There are lots of photos waiting for Matt to have some spare time to put them up. On the house front, we have put down the stair carpet, given away some spare bookcases ( a little sadly as Matt had built them from scratch back in Cambridge) and Matt has fixed the decor doors onto the built -in fridge freezer – a job which had totally defeated the chippie!

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