We haven’t been out and about as much as we should have been recently (except at weekends when Matt is around to help) so last night I got us all packed up and ready to spend the day on the steam railway. Which we did, and had a very nice time. Until we got home and I felt in need of a cup of coffee. Just as I sat down with it Bee (accidentally) threw a cushion in my direction. It went over me, and I wasn’t sure if some had splashed on Mip’s hands, so as I ran to the kitchen to find wet tea towels to drape over me I ran him a sink of cold water and told him to play in it. Meanwhile JJ and Littlest were both upset. Bee looked after them as long as he could, but after 5 mins I had to take off my wet cloths and feed Littlest and put her to sleep. Meanwhile Mip extended his playing to putting his head and a bath towel into the sink and flooding the floor. JJ wasn’t recovering so I draped more wet tea towels and put them all in front of a DVD for a while. Mip then managed to fall backwards over the sofa and bump his head and scrape a shoulder. JJ at some point fell off the piano stool…..and then got cross with a yoghurt and pushed it onto the floor….
I was glad when Matt got home!

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