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Boys very excited today as we were off to a ‘Castle’ party. We started off by finishing off their tabards, by putting a picture on the front. We had printed some pictures from a site on heraldry. The boys chose; Bee – Ship, Mip – Castle, Jj – Unicorn. Justine traced them on to the tabards (I – Matt – had been to Woolworths as soon as it opened to go get a fabric pen – nothing like planning in advance!).

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All sorts of fun there including making shields. Bee painted his all red.

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I was a bit worried about his shield at one moment as it looked like a disaster had occurred, when a princess reached over to get more blue paint on her brush!

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Lots of thank yous for the party!

Plus we have got ‘Castle’ by David Macaulay coming soon too. I wonder if he has done ‘Eiffel Tower’ yet?

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