Bee is showing signs of developing his Father’s sense of humour. We did a world map jigsaw puzzle this afternoon. When we got to Thailand Bee said ‘Tieland? Is that where they have lots of ropes and string?’.

We have a definite boat theme going on at the moment. Yesterday Matt looked up lots of information and pictures of U.S.S. Constitution (from Bee’s favourite Old Ironsides book) and lots of conversation about Titanic is going on. And the Cutty Sark still gets discussed. Bee has pictures of Constitution up by his bed now. He keeps saying how they are ‘really beautiful’. Mip has a picture of a group of penguins with a chick.

Two of the key features of a Charlotte Mason education are living books (see here) and narration. Narration is used after every ‘lesson’ and the child tells back in their own words from what you have just been reading. This replaces the usual worksheets etc. and is meant to help the child connect with the material, and retain the information. And it also teaches them to concentrate! But it isn’t recommended that children are asked to narrate before they are six years old at the earliest. But I have realised that Bee is naturally narrating from everything we read anyway. As soon as we finish a chapter he will start with “so, …” and tell me something from what we have just read. Sometimes quite briefly, but usually in great detail and he does seem to be retaining a lot of information. We have just been listening in to him having a conversation on the phone to our friend (who has been decorating for us) probably for ten minutes talking about USS Constitution, things we have seen at the museum, etc..

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