The day began badly. We woke to find Mip had come into our bed in the night, and had wet it. So he had to be hauled off for a shower ,and he was over tired from yesterday. When anything goes wrong for him he falls dramatically to the floor and wails “but I’m wobbling” and pretends not to be able to pick himself up. So he did this for the first 20 minutes, and then gradually recovered with Matt reading stories.

Anyway, once we were all put back together again I put together a picnic, planning to take them all off to Ferry Meadows for the day. But Bee said they all wanted to play in the garden today, so that is what they did. They had their picnic in the playhouse, and in the afternoon they had the paddling pool out. I’m not sure that anything “educational” happened today. I didn’t even read a book to them! But they all tired themselves out and after yesterday’s late night have gone to bed at a much more respectable time.

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