Church this morning. We even arrived a few minutes early – very rare!! We pottered at home for the afternoon. Matt read some Paddington stories to the boys and worked on the roof of the model house they are building. Then we took a picnic tea down to the Embankment for a concert by the City of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra. But the stage had been blown down and replaced by a much smaller one which they couldn’t fit on, so they had been replaced by a jazz band. Not quite the same, but JJ and Littlest happily danced around as the band played and sang ” I wanna make l-u-r-v-e to you”! They sang some classic songs and then we came home as it began to get chilly.

Matt phoned a friend from church briefly, and then we found Bee in tears because he had wanted to talk to him too. So Matt called him back and Bee talked to him for several minutes about the Titanic, then he went off and coloured in a bit more of his Titanic picture and has just gone to bed at 10 pm. Just as well we don’t have to get up for school in the morning!

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