Matt achieved most things on his ‘to do’ list today. He ordered audio books of Little house on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek for Bee (and managed to get Peter and the Wolf thrown in for free as they had sent an inadequately wrapped parcel to us last week which arrived slightly damaged). He also booked two National Trust visits for the PCHE group using our new Educational Group Membership. And cut the grass and pruned more or less everything in the garden.

I had planned to put our curtains back up (which I did) and clean the house (which I didn’t, for the third week running). I did make some cookies, which the boys helped with, and we picked a white tulip and left it in water with food colouring and ended up with a pink tulip.

IMG_1022 IMG_1023


The boys did lots of playdough and played outside. Littlest again fell asleep on her own today when I put her down just for a moment. Such a clever girl!

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