Another trip to town this morning – the nearer end, so we walked in. All went well until M&S and then the boys behaved terribly and I got cross and it was all a bit of a disaster. We had planned to be out this afternoon, but the plasterers finished earlier than expected, so we spent the afternoon in mostly in the garden. We read books, played dominoes, did a world map jigsaw, baked cookies and looked up and talked about the Cutty Sark. Bee is fascinated with the Cutty Sark at the moment and we have had long discussions on how to sail, the Suez Canal, etc..

Bee and Matt looked at various Cutty Sark things on the computer this evening and he has taken his picture of the CS, which Matt drew for him, off to bed with him.

A few days ago we made ‘boats’ to ‘sail’ in the bath. They didn’t work very well. We’ve got a lot to learn about junk modelling.
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