wednesday 21st march

Another bitty day. The boys played in the morning and we looked at a creepy crawlies book. Bee was very interested in ants, so we had to read that bit through 3 times. We tried to go out for a walk this afternoon, but JJ fell apart (he wanted his shoes, not his wellies, but we’ve lost 1 of them) so Bee and Mip played in the garden instead and I put JJ in the (indoor) swing and he went straight to sleep. Then lots more magnetix – the play value of these is amazing – Bee was making taurus and Mip was making tug boats. An amazon order arrived today with a new Tony Mitton for them – Super Submarines. We decided to put it away and save it for a crisis. Mip promptly fell apart at tea over the parmesan cheese, so out came the book! then some time looking at the moon and venus through the binoculars, and a very late bedtime.

Other bits and pieces – Bee’s first tooth fell out at the weekend, we watched some of The Blue Planet together, Littlest had her eight week check at the doctors and JJ his 2 year check with the health visitor. All fine, although the doctor (a locum, I think) was very unsettled by the lack of vaccinations.

I’ve been reading from the Andrew Whitley Bread book, which Matt gave me for Christmas and starting to gear up to actually make some (making bread regularly makes my new year’s resolution list every year – and doesn’t happen every year!), and I’ve continued reading lots more John Holt and mulling over our HE approach.

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