Tuesday 27

This morning we had planned to go to Ramsey where some h.e. friends pastor a church and are having a mission for their 150th anniversary. We somehow managed to get ourselves up and ready to go by 10 a.m. only to discover the car battery was flat. So we had a day at home instead. Bee wanted to know how to catch and kill a pig, so we spent quite a bit of the day in the River Cottage Cookbook consulting Hugh on how to kill pigs as well as sheep, cattle, chickens and finding out all sorts of useful things for when we have our smallholding (she says hopefully!). We also dipped into aeroplanes and creepy crawlies and JJ produced lots of Tony Mittons for himself. They all did some hama beads, although Bee is the only one to ever complete his and Bee did some more in his dot-to-dot book and other bits of drawing and colouring. We made some cookies for home group tomorrow using a new recipe, but it wasn’t really very successful. Edible, but not as nice as they should be.

A new book arrived in the post for Bee and Mip, which we started this evening. It is by Meindert deJong. I’ve never read anything by this author (him/her?), but have often come across recommendations. The boys are enjoying it so far.

I had planned to clean the house today, but somehow we never got started…

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