Sandpit & Smiles

Littlest is starting to do smiles on a regular basis now.

IMG_0919 IMG_0922

The boys have been out learning about architecture, and resistant materials today:
IMG_0931 IMG_0932

The sandpit at the park now doesn’t have any of the large play equipment in it that it used to, so spades and buckets etc. have to be taken. It was a good job the sand was relatively quiet today. JJ left his spade for a while and another boy started using it, JJ went back and retrieved it from the other boy saying (very definitely) ‘I need it’. The health visitor a few days ago was asking if JJ was doing putting two words together yet, when what he is actually doing is putting together a variety of sentences. He will copy anything that Bee says, so if we want to add a new word to his vocabulary, then we just get Bee to ask JJ to say it (usually when we are all at the table for a meal) and JJ will happily repeat it.

The other night JJ said to me (Justine) while we were reading a book “That’s not a red house, that’s a red Tulip.” and other similar sentences. So, yes, I think he is managing to put two or three words together.

Over the weekend we visited the farm again and the boys fed the lambs who are now two weeks old. The weather was pretty miserable, but we compensated with cake in the cafe.

Before our trip to the sandpit today Bee did some of his new dot-to-dot book and the others coloured. Plus, they all played in the garden.

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