Roller Skates

JJ has turned two very effectively, with frequent tantrums when things aren’t going right. This is such a change from a boy who has always been so easy-going and amenable. It is also a bit awkward when combined with a baby and Mip (who falls apart very readily). I may have to re-instate JJ’s afternoon sleep. if things don’t improve to help us get through the day.

Bee found the roller-skates today (passed down form his Uncles) so he and Mip spent the day learning to roller-skate in the garden. I’m not sure they became particularly competent, but they enjoyed themselves a lot. Poor Bee – when Matt came home early today Bee was full of enthusiasm to show him how good he was on roller-skates and jumped out of the kitchen down the step to the patio on his skates and inevitably ended up on his bottom.

IMG_0896 IMG_0901

Otherwise the last few days have consisted of painting, lots of magnetix, a bit of reading, lots of Duplo, playdough and baking and Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs when JJ can’t be consoled.

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