Meal-time Maths

It is hard to get Mip to finish a meal these days. As soon as he gets to the table he starts with his questions ‘whats one add one?’ ‘whats two add two?’ ‘three add three?’ etc.. He knows the answers and tells me straight away if I give him a wrong answer, but he still insists on going through it every meal time.

Bee had an ‘ah!’ moment yesterday when he discovered there are different ways of getting to nine (8+1, 7+2, etc.). He also made an attempt at writing down some sums. Although he wrote them all right to left.

But these kind of things give me confidence in not starting formal education yet, because we see them playing with the concepts and asking the questions of their own initiation. Which has to be more meaningful to them than me sitting them down and ‘teaching’ them when they are busy thinking about something else?

IMG_0848 IMG_0845

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