Fraught Sunday

I (Matt) got up and took Bee off to Church this morning, where he enjoyed being in A’s group. A is a friend he has known for a while, she is about 8 and really enjoys looking after Bee. They are in the same age group at Church so Bee always looks forward to going to “A’s group” (and to “A’s Church” as he refers to it). Mip wasn’t interested in eating breakfast before the deadline of having to leave for Church and didn’t really seem to notice that I was going, despite having said he wanted to go.

Justine seems to have some of the cold that has hit us, but isn’t getting it anywhere near as badly as I did! JJ is having a bit of a hard time with it and has had several “good” crying sessions today. Or at least we are hoping it isn’t the fact that he has turned two.

Justine has just realised that some of the children may actually have my eye shape after all. She hadn’t realised what size my eyes were until today when I deliberately showed her them with my glasses off. It is our seveth wedding anniversary on Sunday, which means we’ve known each other for well over ten years!

I came home from Church to find everyone in the cellar watching a Thomas DVD. JJ had just fallen asleep after crying for a long time.

Had lunch then in the afternoon I took the older two out to see some friends in Hampton. They have two boys aged 7 and 5, 15 months apart like our two. We had a nice walk around the lakes and Bee and Mip got their wellies very dirty. I forgot to bring the wellies back in the car and left them outside our friends house. Must say sorry to them for leaving them two pairs of very muddy boots. The walk was good, but seeing their 7yo and 5yo playing football together made me think that I must teach Bee more football. Good to know that all of our children have a good chance of making the school football team!

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