We don’t seem to be fitting very much into our days at the moment. The basics of meals etc. seem to take such a long time. There never seems to be much time between them. Yesterday morning we had friends over and the children played in the garden for nearly the whole day. When Matt finished work they dug some compost out (and found the mising kitchen scissors half way down the composter) and planted seeds in the planers.

IMG_0933 IMG_0934

This year we are growing peas, spinach and spring onions again, but we’ll give the courgettes a miss, last year they took over the planters and didn’t produce very much to eat. I wish we had more space for growing veggies. Last year we were pondering having an allotment, but decided that with the ongoing house project and new baby we probably wouldn’t have time and we very definitely wouldn’t have had time. I always forget how time-consuming a baby is.


This morning we spent some time reading. I read a Jill Tomlinson chapter book to Bee (he insisted on reading the chapters out of order) and assorted toddler books for JJ. They playdoughed and Duploed and in the afternoon we went over to the park. We also read a few more pages from a Viking book, which Bee is enjoying.

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