The boys spent the morning playing Duplo while I started to put together an educational statement and think about how to use the blog for recording their education. I’m trying to make sure we are at least slightly prepared if the LEA make contact and want to know what we are doing. I’ve been wondering about the blog for a while, we are using it to keep in contact with the Grandparents and as a very loose record of what the boys are doing and sometimes it feels a bit difficult to combine the two. So, probably what we will do is either devote the first paragraph of a post to recording the boys activities and then put anything else afterwards or put the two into seperate posts. That way it will be easier to refer back to if needed.

The rest of the day followed with drawing, playing outside, bits of reading, connect 4. Still lots of questions on addition and fractions and spelling questions too now.

‘Children (like all people) will live beter, learn more, and grow more able to cope with the world if they are not constantly bribed, wheedled, bullied, threatened, humiliated and hurt; if they are not set endlessly against each other in a race that all but a few must lose; if they are not constantly made to feel incompetent, stupid, untrustworthy, guilty, fearful and ashamed; if their interests, concerns, and enthusiasms are not ignored or scorned; and if instead they are allowed, encouraged, and (if they wish) helped to work with and help each other, to learn from each other, and to think, talk, write, and read about the things that most excite and interest them. In short, if they are able to explore the world in their own way…’ From John Holt in ‘Instead of Education’

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