Getting them all out did seem a little easier today. The littlest seems to reliably sleep all afternoon in the pram and this is making the prospect of being out for the afternoon less daunting. We were down at the farm again this afternoon and saw the first two baby lambs.

The day passed in the usual way. We read in the morning – we started with a selection of Tony Mittons for JJ and then read one of their new books on Knights and a chapter from Little House in the Big Woods. The Magnetix are being very popular at the moment. I put them on the kitchen side where the older two can reach them but JJ can’t and they have made a variety of animals, boats and a very long line of cannon(s?).

Matt started making constellations of glow-in-the-dark starts on Bee’s wall. He bought these a few weeks ago when he had an appointment in Leicestershire near the National Space Centre. Apparently he had to go in and buy something so that he could get some change for the car park?! So, tonight they put up Orion and Lepus. Bee insisted on having Orion on his wall next to his lamp, but this should fit quite well with the other stars stretching across the ceiling.


What is this pink doing amongst so many Navy Blue Coats?!!!

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