A bit of a slow start to the day, partly because we had someone from church arrive who is going to be continuing the work on our house for us (hurray!!) which has been made possible by a very substantial child tax credit rebate (hurray!!). But we put in another couple of chapters from Little House in the Big Woods, some more Coddling Village and a few other bits. We also did some playdough (thank you Mark), some drawing, and Bee did some letter tracing. In between they ran wild with an elastic band ball!
I also finally remembered to put some music on while they were “working”. We often have story tapes on, but I almost never remember to play classical music, so today we enjoyed some piano concertos. Well, I did, and no one else complained!

We also had our information pack arrive from Education Otherwise, which we have just joined. It includes a purse-sized card stating your legal rights (briefly) as a home educator in case you are caught in a truancy sweep. Which I shall be glad to have, after an h.e. friend was recently stopped by the police in Tesco’s and was quite upset by it. We are also trying to arrange insurance for our local under 8’s H.e. group through E.O. as we have just discovered we don’t have any and so have had to suspend our meetings at the hall we use for the moment.

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