Our days are starting so late these days.It’s usually around 8 before we wake up (I’m not complaining !) and then 9.30 before we get to breakfast, and 10.30 before we’re ready for anything. So on a Friday when we have Muddlepuddle at 1pm we end up having lunch an hour and a half after breakfast! In our hour and a half this morning the boys made biscuits with me for home group tonight, and then playdoughed. Then we drove our new (to us) Toyota Estima over to Activity World for Muddlepuddle. On the way over Mip said thoughtfully ” This car is like our kitchen”. I asked why, and he said it has 2 roof windows like our kitchen! As always they enjoyed AW, although by the time I have changed nappies at intervals, supervised JJ, provided drinks, collected up money, etc. I didn’t spend much time actually sitting talking to people. Then home again and out to home group in the evening.

A video of the boys telling a joke

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