First seven days…

The last seven days have been a bit strange really. Firstly when baby arrived we weren’t expecting it to be a girl. I (Matt) had been thinking up clever comments to use when asked by the midwife ‘do you want to see what you have got’. The best I could come up with was something along the lines of ‘is it a baby?’ However when it came to the moment and babe was flopped on Mum, with Midwife lifting the child up and asking me if I wanted to see what we have got, I ended up looking in confusion for a few moments before saying ‘its a girl’. My only excuse is that the cord confused me whilst I was expecting to be seeing that it was a boy. Even a couple of days later I was still not quite sure.

In the week before the birth the children had colds, but they seemed to finish getting over these around about the birth. The result has been that JJ has started sleeping through the night and we are only sometimes joined by Mip. We have had some of the best nights sleep for a long time since the baby arrived. Even the baby seems to sometimes do an 8 hour sleep. We woke at 9am one morning wondering what had happened.

It has been lovely to do Muddle Puddle and another trip to Activity World this week. However JJ seems to constantly want me to go with him to the top. Mip spent most of the time today sitting in a play car, quite content just to sit and pretend to drive.


Windows have gone in the shop at the front. We are still awaiting the door from Screwfix. Therein lies a tale of incompetence on the part of screwfix and a total un-helpfulness from their customer service department. In short a door that was ordered in November for the first time, was re-ordered in December and was not delivered today as it had been damaged in transit. Above is a picture of our front room (the shop at the front of our house) when it didn’t have a front on it. On the day they did it I got a message from Justine saying that the room looked a lot bigger. I said that the council owned the land and we couldn’t expand into it. Though the room is a lot bigger now that the door isn’t set back into the room.

I’ll do another one later… I’ll have to take a picture of the front of the house as it is now.

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  1. I had the exact same reaction when i found out it was a girl.
    it seemed like the least likely thing that possibly happen.


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